Complex Order Book EDGX Options

The Complex Order Book on Cboe EDGX Options Exchange will be powered by our latest technology. We are excited to couple our designs for this functionality with our market-leading technology as we strengthen our position in the U.S. Options market.

Our Complex Order Book will include new order handling and risk management logic that builds on the intrinsic nature of complex options strategies, as well as the most flexible and holistic trade-through protections for complex orders available on any platform. This complex order capability will serve as the foundation for complex order functionality on the Cboe Options Exchange and C2 Options Exchange as they migrate to our new technology.

Launch Schedule

The EDGX Options Complex Order Book will be rolled out in stages. Beginning October 23, 2017,* we will support options-only complex orders and single-sided complex order auctions. After the initial launch, we will gradually add other capabilities like crossing orders, stock/options orders and implied orders, subject to customer demand. Further details and the schedule for these future capabilities will be provided in due course.

Date * Milestone
May 11, 2017 Technical Specifications available
August 1, 2017 Certification available for testing
September 16, 2017 First weekend test
October 21, 2017 Second weekend test
October 23, 2017 Go live for options-only complex orders and single-sided complex order auctions

*Subject to regulatory review. While target dates are subject to change, any updates will be communicated to customers via email and on this webpage.

Customer Call

May 4, 2017
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Technical Specifications

U.S. Options Complex Auction Multicast PITCH
U.S. Options Complex Multicast TOP
U.S. Options Complex Multicast PITCH
U.S. Options BOE
U.S. Options FIX


Please contact the Cboe Trade Desk (, 913.815.7001) or your Director of Sales with any questions. We appreciate your continued support of Cboe and look forward to earning more of your business.