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Bats Europe: Pricing changes, effective 1st January 2018

September 29, 2017 12:15:12

Dear Bats Europe Participants,

Bats Europe (Bats) would like to inform Participants, Data Recipients and subscribers to Connectivity services of fee changes, effective 1st January 2018.

Change summary by fee type:

1. Connectivity services. The revised 2018 Connectivity Price List is available on the Bats Support page and for download at the link below:


Key points to note:

* There are no structural changes to the fee types or methodology used for calculation of fees

* Logical port fees for SI quoting and APA reporting remain unchanged from 2017

* Fee changes for physical and logical connectivity

2. Market Data. The revised 2018 Market Data Price List is available on the Bats Subscribe page and for download at the link below:


All Market Data Contractual and Policy documentation is available on the Bats Market data page: http://www.bats.com/europe/equities/support/market_data/

Key points to note:

* Confirmation that SI pre-trade quote data is not fee liable

* Distribution licence fees, display fees and non-display fees are changing

* A new historic data licence fee type introduced

* A new derived data licence for APA data has been introduced

3. BXTR Trade Reporting Services. The revised 2018 BXTR Data Price List is available on the Bats Support page and for download at the link below:


Key points to note:

* No change to SI, MTF or APA service fees

* A change to the fees levels and methodology for on-exchange single party Exchange Trade Reports (ETRs)

* Changes to daily rates for on-exchange Multiparty ETRs

* A change to the monthly rate for the Third Party Broker Service

4. Bats Indices:

No change to current pricing


Please contact your Account Manager if you have any questions at saleseurope@bats.com. All current and historical Bats Europe notices are available at http://www.bats.com/europe/equities/notices/.

Thank you for your continued support.

Trade Desk,
Bats Europe, a CBOE company
Phone: +44 20 7012 8901
Email: TradeDeskEurope@bats.com
* Bats Trading Limited is a Recognised Investment Exchange regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.