A Focus on Quality Markets

There are many venues traders can use to execute their options trades and strategies. At Cboe, our team works diligently to ensure our market is a leader in execution quality for our Members, giving them access to cutting-edge tools and services that help them manage risk while executing their trading strategies.

How We Power Your Potential

Flat Market Structure – All Members Have Universal Access

At Cboe BZX and EDGX Options Exchanges, ALL members have open access to market data and tools like risk management that are reserved for certain trading participants on other exchanges. Universal access to tools and technology helps level the playing field and benefits all members.

Innovative Pricing – Driving a Quality Market for All Participants

Our market quality economic incentives are designed to incent behaviors on an order by order basis to help improve the quality of the Cboe BZX and EDGX Options Exchanges. As a result, all trading participants realize the benefit of trading on Cboe BZX and EDGX Options Exchanges, whether they received the economic incentive directly or if they simply benefits from tighter, deeper markets and better fills.

  • NBBO Setter Rebates – Encourages members to set the NBBO on Cboe BZX and EDGX Options Exchanges for improved economics if that order is executed. Helps encourage greater depth of liquidity and better market quality.
  • Quoting Incentive Program – Market Maker quoting incentive to encourage depth at the inside.

Innovative Tools to Manage Risk

Cboe BZX and EDGX Options Exchanges offer a suite of risk management tools designed to help members mitigate risk, which helps keep markets safer. Cboe BZX and EDGX Options Exchanges believe that a multi-layered approach to risk management, with various risk checks in place both on the customer and exchange level throughout the life of an order, is fundamental to ensuring markets remain resilient.

Great Technology Backed by Great People

Today’s markets are nearly all electronic, but it’s the people behind the technology that matters. It’s our people that have set Cboe apart from the competition since day one. Our team of market and technology professionals created and oversees our markets. We’ve built our reputation on building world-class technology that delivers results and a team that provides best-in-class customer service.