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REMINDER - Cboe Europe: Participant Readiness for Brexit - ACTION REQUIRED

February 22, 2019 13:42:48

Dear Cboe Europe Participants

In preparation for Brexit, Cboe Europe Equities (Cboe) would like to draw Participant attention to the following requirements:

* FIX and BOE Port Jurisdictional Separation

As part of our Brexit preparations, in this current interim period all BXE and CXE ports are allowed to trade all markets regardless of their jurisdiction as no venue separation has taken place. However, when the Cboe EU venue is launched (currently targeted to be effective Monday April 1st 2019), submission of Orders and Exchange Trade Reports (ETRs) over ports that do not match the jurisdiction of the traded market will be rejected. To ease the transition to separate Cboe UK and Cboe EU venues it is strongly recommended that Participants begin to route their flow down ports that match the jurisdiction of the traded market as soon as possible. It is also strongly advised that Participants submit flow on the correct ports when participating in the Saturday Brexit Dress Rehearsals to ensure that their Production Brexit configuration is adequately tested. The full list of Participant ports is accessible via the Logical Ports Dashboard. In the event you require more ports than you currently have available please urgently submit a new port request via the Logical Port Order form.

* MiFID II RTS 24 Order Record Keeping (ORK) registration

Please note that MiFID II Order Record Keeping (RTS 24) short code/long code mappings for new Brexit entities must be registered, as required by Cboe Rule Book paragraph 11.9. In readiness for Brexit, Participants must ensure that the relevant short code mappings for any new entities are uploaded to the secure MiFID II Identifier Management portal as soon as possible. Cboe is urging Participants to register MiFID II identifiers in advance of order submission under any new entity, failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.

* Trusting relationship approvals

In order for Participants to avoid setup issues impacting their multi-party and 3PB ETR flow under new entities related to Brexit, Participants are advised to approve their trusting relationships as soon as possible via the Cboe Trusting Relation Management Tool. Once these relationships have been approved Participants must set appropriate risk controls via the Risk Management Tool for each new relationship. Participants are advised to complete these steps in advance of the next Brexit Dress Rehearsal (Saturday March 2nd 2019) to ensure that their Production Brexit configuration is adequately tested.


* RTS 24: Record Keeping Guidance

* MiFID II Identifier Management Application

* Brexit Microsite

* Brexit Guidance Note

* Brexit Dress Rehearsal Testing Guide

* BXE/CXE FIX specification

* BXE/CXE BOE specification

Please contact the Trade Desk or your Account Manager if you have any questions.

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