Cboe LIS

Broker List

Stage 1: Direct LIS Broker1

  • Participants of Cboe entering IOIs via FIX directly into Cboe LIS
  • Live date: 9th December 2016

Stage 2: Designated Broker2

  • Buy side clients are able to access the Cboe LIS service using their EMS / OMS integrated GUI or via FIX provided they have agreements in place with one or more Designated Brokers supporting the service.
  • Direct LIS Broker: A Cboe Participant who is using the Service to submit IOIs and receive the corresponding trades in their own name.
  • Designated Broker: A Cboe Participant who has an agreement with a Buy Side firm to offer execution and clearing services on Cboe LIS.
Cboe Participant Direct LIS Broker Service Designated Broker Service
ABG Sundal Collier N/A Date TBC
Bank of America Merrill Lynch Live Live
Barclays Capital Live Date TBC
Bernstein Live Live
Carnegie Investment Bank AB (publ) Date TBC Date TBC
Citi Global Markets Live Date TBC
Credit Suisse Live Live
Danske Bank Date TBC N/A
Deutsche Bank Live Date TBC
DNB Bank ASA N/A Live
Exane BNP Paribas Live Live
Goldman Sachs Live Date TBC
Instinet Europe Live Live
Investec Bank PLC Live
Investment Technology Group Live Live
Jefferies Live Live
JP Morgan Securities Live Live
Kepler Cheuvreux Live Date TBC
Liquidnet Live Date TBC
Macquarie Date TBC Date TBC
Morgan Stanley Live Live
RBC Europe Ltd Live Live
Redburn Live
Societe Generale Live Live
Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken Live Date TBC
UBS Date TBC Live
Vontobel Date TBC Date TBC

This table will be updated as more firms offer, or commit to offer these services.