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Cboe has determined that it is approaching its maximum sequence value on the Cboe Options Multicast PITCH proprietary market data feed for matching unit 34 supporting SPXW and anticipates rolling over sequence numbers.

As indicated in a previous notice, when the message sequence number reaches the maximum value of 4,294,967,295 the message sequence number will rollover, and the next sequence will be one (1).
Cboe has included examples in the Cboe US Equities/Options Multicast PITCH Specification that illustrate this behavior in the context of a SPIN or GRP request that might occur around the time when the sequence rolls over.
No further notifications will be sent by Cboe regarding sequences rollovers, as these events are described in all relevant market data specifications and are expected to be handled by customers as part of normal operations.
Please contact the Cboe Trade Desk for support or with any questions.
Cboe Trade Desk
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