Post Mortem: Cboe C2 Options Exchange Matching Engine Disruption

September 23, 2019 16:46:28

Post Mortem: Cboe C2 Options Exchange Matching Engine Disruption

SCI System(s) Affected: Matching Engine
Incident Description: Disruption
At 10:37:16, Cboe observed a disconnection of matching engine 10, symbol range ETFC-FIVDZ, from all customer order handlers.  Order handlers connected back to the matching unit at 10:38:48 am ET.  
In order to ensure system stability, at 10:48:42 am ET Cboe staff initiated a graceful failover of the entire matching engine host processing symbol range CXSB to HSXZ, matching engines 8 to 13.  This failover successfully completed at 10:49:43am ET.
Members Affected: Any C2 Options member trading products with underlying symbols in the indicated ranges during the affected time periods would have been impacted.
Corrective Action: The defective hardware device is scheduled to be replaced overnight.