Post Mortem: EDGX Options BOE Issue

April 11, 2019 16:37:38

Post Mortem: EDGX Options BOE Issue

SCI System(s) Affected: BOE Order Handlers

Incident Description: Systems Disruption

As previously announced, support for BOE Bulk Order messages ended on March 29, 2019. Today, the underlying software code supporting Bulk Orders and all related fields was removed from the EDGX Options system. This resulted in login rejects for nine firms attempting to login but selecting to receive optional fields for the Bulk Order Acknowledgement return message type. Firms choosing to opt-in for other Bulk Order-related fields such as ClOrdIdBatch were able to login, but that field was omitted from return messages. This resulted in messages that were shorter than expected for one firm.

Members Affected: 10 firms

Corrective Action: Software code support for BOE Bulk Order related message types and fields was re-introduced to the EDGX Options system via an emergency software patch. BOE order handlers were restarted to allow affected firms to login. This was completed at 09:42:15 ET. One firm was logged in successfully but had issues handling shorter return BOE messages. This issue was also resolved as of 11:17:18 ET by restarting BOE order handlers for this firm which enabled them to receive messages of the expected size. The software patch to support BOE Bulk Order related message types and fields as they were prior to today will remain in place for tomorrows trading. No further impact to EDGX Options nor to any other Cboe exchange is anticipated.

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