Class Delistings for Cboe Options

March 27, 2019 17:32:25

The following option classes will be delisted
from Cboe Options Exchange following the close of
business TODAY, Wednesday, March 27, 2019. All multiply listed option
classes will be delisted as soon as possible. If a below class is singly
listed, new months will not be added to that class and all series
in that class without open interest will be delisted.

Symbol and Name (Single-Listed)

  1. EPOL - iShares MSCI Poland ETF
  2. EPU - iShares MSCI Peru ETF
  3. ERUS - iShares MSCI Russia ETF
  4. EWO - iShares MSCI Austria ETF

Please contact the Cboe Operations Support Center (OSC) or the Cboe Trade Desk with any questions.

Cboe Operations Support Center
[email protected]

Cboe Trade Desk
[email protected]