Post Mortem: C2 Options Exchange System Issue at Open

January 29, 2019 16:52:42

Post Mortem: C2 Options Exchange System Issue at Open
SCI System(s) Affected: Trading
Incident Description: At 09:31:10 ET C2 Options Exchange experienced an issue resulting in some unacknowledged orders and quotes for a subset of customers on certain sessions.  As a result of this issue, affected customers may have also received rejects on certain orders until 09:34:43 ET.  The problem was identified as being related to a risk configuration setting which was disabled for the remainder of the day.  Unacknowledged orders resulting from this issue were cancelled as of 09:45:57 ET. 
Members Affected: Any TPHs submitting orders on affected order gateways between 09:31:10 and 09:34:43 ET.
Corrective Action: The root cause of this issue has been identified as a software defect related to a specific risk setting.  The defect will be addressed in a software release to be deployed for trade date Thursday, January 31st.  For Wednesday, January 30th, the setting at issue will be disabled and the Cboe Trade Desk will work with any impacted TPHs.