Cboe Regulatory Program

The Cboe Regulatory Program includes an internal, real-time equity and options surveillance and investigations model, conducted in conjunction with examination, cross-market surveillance, as well as investigation and enforcement programs conducted by FINRA on Cboe's behalf.

The Cboe Client Suspension Rule , filed in July 2015 and approved in February 2016, is included in the Cboe Regulatory Program. The Rule allows Cboe to accelerate disciplinary processes to stop ongoing disruptive quoting and trading behavior, such as spoofing and layering, on certain of its U.S. exchanges.

Cboe Community Policing Program

Following the SEC’s approval of the Cboe Client Suspension Rule, the Community Policing Program was designed, in July 2016, to facilitate and enhance Cboe-Member dialogue as it pertains to surveilling markets, encouraging cooperation with the company’s equities and options exchange Members. Members are encouraged to share tips directly with the Cboe Regulatory Department, who will then investigate and, as necessary, take steps to address any improprieties. Members of any of the Cboe Global Markets Equities or Options Exchanges wishing to share information or report specific events involving suspicious trading behaviors directly with the Cboe Regulatory Department should submit comments via a TPH Comments and Complaints form. For additional questions, please contact [email protected]

Please note that Cboe will not share details of its investigations or regulatory methodologies, and will not counsel firms on the effectiveness or appropriateness of their respective supervisory systems. Cboe also will not offer incentives of any kind to Members in exchange for information