BATS Post-Mortem - Network Disconnects 2/3/2010

February 03, 2010 13:16:07

At 10:01:17AM ET BATS applied a standard troubleshooting command to monitor network traffic. The command exposed a bug in the network vendor's software which caused BATS to drop a broad range of member order entry and market data TCP connections. At 10:02:16 (59 seconds later) the affected member ports were able to reconnect.

BATS is fully engaged with the network vendor to resolve the bug that caused the disconnects.

BATS encourages all users to check their settings on all FIX ports to determine if cancel on disconnect is enabled. These settings may be viewed through the BATS Real-time Ports Dashboard at with an appropriate login. Users can also contact the Trade Desk to check these settings.

BATS also encourages users that had difficulty reconnecting to their FIX ports due to the implementation of the FIX login process to contact the BATS Trade Desk to re-certify their system's FIX reconnect logic against the BATS Certification environment.

BATS apologizes for the inconvenience caused by this momentary network issue and appreciates your continued business.