BATS Post Mortem - Routing Issue

January 08, 2010 13:46:21

Dear Member,

At 10:43AM ET on Friday, January 8th, BATS experienced a system hardware failure impacting the BATS router. The hardware was promptly replaced within minutes and as routing processes were being brought online, the recovery process was aborted due to file system corruption of multiple files associated with the BATS smart order router. BATS uses a journaling file system and as such, this file corruption has been deemed to be a bug within the file system itself rather than in the BATS smart order router. BATS has decided to keep routing disabled for the remainder of the day as we continue to investigate this corruption issue and implement a remedy. Smart order routing will be enabled Monday morning, January 11th when our market opens at 8AM ET as usual.

All cancels for routable orders in flight at the time of the system hardware failure were sent electronically by 12:02PM ET.

We apologize for the inconvenience this issue may have caused and appreciate your continued support of BATS. Please contact the BATS Trade Desk or your Director of Sales with any questions.

Trade Desk
[email protected]