BATS Chi-X Europe: Leap Second event on 30th June 2015

May 29, 2015 13:23:19

Dear BATS Chi-X Europe Participants,

BATS Chi-X Europe (BATS) is aware of the upcoming Leap Second insertion planned for Tuesday, 30th June, 2015, as per:
BATS has conducted internal technical analysis and worked closely with vendors to identify any potential impact to our trading environments. To confirm, no impact to servers is anticipated other than a short period of time post-midnight where servers will slew their clocks to match the new time.

BATS anticipates no adverse impact to trading as a result of this event, and BATS markets will open as per the normal trading schedule on Wednesday, 1st July, 2015.

Please contact the Trade Desk or your Account Manager if you have any questions.
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