TRF Schedule Update

BXTR TRF - Symbol universe update for 27th August, 2014

August 26, 2014 15:27:13

Dear BXTR TRF Participants

Effective Wednesday 27th August, 2014, the following instruments will be added to the Trade Reporting Facility symbol universe:

Company Name, ISIN, Currency, MIC, UMTF Name, Trading Segment, Supported Services
Sony Corp, JP3435000009, JPY, XTKS, 6758n, TDM, MT
Toyota Motor Corp, JP3633400001, JPY, XTKS, 7203n, TDM, MT
Mitsubishi Corp, JP3898400001, JPY, XTKS, 8058n, TDM, MT
ANA Holdings Inc, JP3429800000, JPY, XTKS, 9202n, TDM, MT
Chemtura Corp, US1638932095, USD, XNYS, CHMTn, TDM, MT
Rofin-Sinar Technologies Inc, US7750431022, USD, XNGS, RSTIn, TDM, MT
MedaPhor Group plc, GB00BN791Q39, GBX, XLON, MEDl, TDM, MT
Central Europe Russia and Turkey Fund Inc/The, US1534361001, USD, XNYS, CEEn, TDM, MT
Abbott Laboratories, US0028241000, USD, XNYS, ABTn, TDM, MT
Bank of America Corp, US0605051046, USD, XNYS, BACn, TDM, MT
Boeing Co/The, US0970231058, USD, XNYS, BAn, TDM, MT
EI du Pont de Nemours & Co, US2635341090, USD, XNYS, DDn, TDM, MT
General Electric Co, US3696041033, USD, XNYS, GEn, TDM, MT
Honeywell International Inc, US4385161066, USD, XNYS, HONn, TDM, MT
International Business Machines Corp, US4592001014, USD, XNYS, IBMn, TDM, MT
JPMorgan Chase & Co, US46625H1005, USD, XNYS, JPMn, TDM, MT
Pfizer Inc, US7170811035, USD, XNYS, PFEn, TDM, MT
Schlumberger Ltd, AN8068571086, USD, XNYS, SLBn, TDM, MT
Verizon Communications Inc, US92343V1044, USD, XNYS, VZn, TDM, MT
Bank of America Corp, US0605051046, USD, XNYS, BACn, TDM, MT
Ford Motor Co, US3453708600, USD, XNYS, Fn, TDM, MT
Konami Corp, JP3300200007, JPY, XTKS, 9766n, TDM, MT
Medusa Mining Ltd, AU000000MML0, XASX, AUD, MMLn, TDM, MT

The updated TRF Live Symbol Reference Data File will be available from our website at

Please contact the Trade Desk or your Account Manager if you have any questions.

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