TRF Schedule Update

BXTR TRF - Symbol universe update for 18th August, 2014

August 15, 2014 15:54:08

Dear BXTR TRF Participants
Effective Monday 18th August 2014, the following instruments will be added to the Trade Reporting Facility symbol universe:
Company Name, ISIN, Currency, MIC, UMTF Name, Trading Segment, Supported Services
Fyffes PLC, IE0003295239, EUR, XDUB, FQ3i, TDM, M
Petroceltic International PLC, IE00BB0QZ876, EUR, XDUB, EG5Ai, TDM, M
Ovoca Gold PLC, IE00B4XVDC01, EUR, XDUB, OVXAi, TDM, M
Ormonde Mining PLC, IE0006627891, EUR, XDUB, ORQi, TDM, M
CPL Resources PLC, IE0007214426, EUR, XDUB, DQ5i, TDM, M
Prime Active Capital PLC, IE00B1Z9ZG98, EUR, XDUB, OKRAi, TDM, M
zamano PLC, IE00B1G17W46, EUR, XDUB, ZAZi, TDM, M
PetroNeft Resources PLC, IE00B0Q82B24, EUR, XDUB, P8ETi, TDM, M
Origin Enterprises PLC, IE00B1WV4493, EUR, XDUB, OIZi, TDM, M
First Derivatives PLC, GB0031477770, EUR, XDUB, GYQi, TDM, M
Great Western Mining Corp PLC, IE00B1FR8863, EUR, XDUB, 8GWi, TDM, M
Fastnet Oil & Gas PLC, GB00B85HRF56, EUR, XDUB, FOIi, TDM, M
Falcon Oil & Gas Ltd, CA3060711015, EUR, XDUB, FACi, TDM, M
Mincon Group Plc, IE00BD64C665, EUR, XDUB, MIOi, TDM, M
GameAccount Network plc, GB00BGCC6189, EUR, XDUB, GAMEi, TDM, M
Providence Resources PLC, IE00B66B5T26, EUR, XDUB, PZQAi, TDM, M

The updated TRF Live Symbol Reference Data File will be available from our website at