Schedule Update

BATS Chi-X Europe stock universe update for 2nd July, 2014

July 01, 2014 15:56:20

Dear BATS Chi-X Europe Participants
Effective Wednesday 2nd July 2014, the following instruments will be added to both BXE and CXE symbol universes:
Description, UMTF Name, ISIN, Currency, MIC, Tick Type, Trading Segment, ** Last Trading Day
FINECOBANK SPA, FBKm, IT0000072170, EUR, MTAA, table2b, MTF,
Worldline SA, WLNp, FR0011981968, EUR, XPAR, tck_0100, MTF,
Coface SA, COFAp, FR0010667147, EUR, XPAR, tck_0100, MTF,
Havyard Group ASA, HYARDo, NO0010708605, NOK, XOSL, xosl, MTF,
Banco Popular Espanol SA, POPDe, ES0613790957, EUR, XMCE, tck_0010, MTF, 2014-07-15
Ferrovial SA, FERDe, ES0618900932, EUR, XMCE, table4, MTF, 2014-07-16
Italcementi SpA, ITAXAm, IT0005025645, EUR, MTAA, table2b, MTF, 2014-07-08
BayWa AG, BYWd, DE0005194005, EUR, XETR, table4, MTF,
Biotest AG, BIOd, DE0005227201, EUR, XETR, table4, MTF,
Draegerwerk AG & Co KGaA, DRW8d, DE0005550602, EUR, XETR, table4, MTF,
MAN SE, MAN3d, DE0005937031, EUR, XETR, table4, MTF,
Sartorius AG, SRTd, DE0007165607, EUR, XETR, table4, MTF,
Metro AG, MEO3d, DE0007257537, EUR, XETR, table4, MTF,

** Rights Issue, please note the end date will be the last available trading day on BATS Chi-X Europe
The updated Symbol Reference Data Files will be available on our website at

Please contact the Trade Desk or your Account Manager if you have any questions.