Schedule Update

BATS Chi-X Europe stock universe update for 8th May, 2013

May 07, 2013 11:19:36

Dear BATS Chi-X Europe Participants

Effective Wednesday 8th May 2013, the following instruments will be added to both BXE and CXE symbol universes:
Description, UMTF Namem ISIN, Currency, MIC, Tick Type
ISH DAX ETF, EXS1m, DE0005933931, EUR, ETFP, table2b
ISHARES DAX ETF, DAXEXz, DE0005933931, CHF, XSWX, tck_0100
LYX DJESTXX50 ETF, MSEm, FR0007054358, EUR, ETFP, table2b
LYXOR EUR STOXX50 ETF, LYSXd, FR0007054358, EUR, XETR, xetr_etf
LYXOR ETF DJST50 ETF, MSEe, FR0007054358, EUR, XMCE, table4
DJ STOXX50E MAS ETF, MSEz, FR0007054358, EUR, XSWX, tck_0100
ISHARES FTSE 100 ETF, ISFm, IE0005042456, EUR, ETFP, table2b
ISHARES FTSE 100 ETF, ISFAa, IE0005042456, EUR, XAMS, tck_0100
ISH FTSE 100 ETF, ISFz, IE0005042456, CHF, XSWX, tck_0100
ISHARES S&P 500 ETF, IUSAm, IE0031442068, EUR, ETFP, table2b
ISHARES S&P 500 ETF, ISSPa, IE0031442068, EUR, XAMS, tck_0100

The updated Symbol Reference Data Files will be available on our website at

Please contact the Trade Desk or your Account Manager if you have any questions.

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