Schedule Update

FINAL REMINDER : Decommission of legacy Chi-X Europe reference data file format effective Thurs 28th Feb, 2013

February 21, 2013 10:33:29

Dear BATS Chi-X Europe Participants,

Please be advised that BATS Chi-X Europe will decommission the following legacy Chi-X Europe Symbol Reference Data (CHIXTSL.txt) and Tick Reference Data (CHIXDTT.txt) files next week, effective Thursday 28th February, 2013.

Symbol Reference Data

Tick Reference Data

These files were replaced by new file formats upon the Chi-X Europe migration onto BATS technology back on 30th April, 2012.

The above legacy URLs will be no longer reachable from Thursday 28th February, 2013. This means that Wednesday 27th February, 2013 will be the last day upon which the legacy URLs will be accessible.

Any participants still using the above legacy URLs must now migrate to the new URLs.

Please refer to BATS Chi-X Europe Reference Data Documents for the new URLs and Reference Data Specification.

Please contact the Trade Desk or your Account Manager if you have any questions.

All current and historical BATS Chi-X Europe notices, including symbol universe updates, are available online at