Release Notes

REMINDER: Cboe Europe Equities: Trading Venue Segregation for Multicast PITCH market data, effective Fri 15th February

February 11, 2019 09:58:13

Dear Cboe Europe Equities Participants,

Effective Friday 15th February 2019, Cboe Europe Equities (Cboe) will make the new UK and EU venue Multicast PITCH feed infrastructure available in the BXE and CXE environments for Participants to migrate to as per the Trade Desk notice (originally sent on Tuesday 18th December 2018). The new feed will run alongside the existing, legacy feeds. From Friday 15th February 2019 onwards, Participants are urged to begin migrating over to the new feeds. Effective Friday 27th September 2019 the legacy Multicast PITCH feeds will no longer be available. These changes will impact all current consumers of BXE and CXE Multicast PITCH, and Participants will be required to subscribe to a new set of multicast feeds as well as connect to new GRP and SPIN ports. Detailed implementation guidance including network bandwidth management, is provided in the Connectivity Manual - Appendix A.

New Port Allocation
Cboe will create a duplicate of existing GRP and Spin Ports from Monday 11th February 2019 as per the details outlined in Connectivity Manual - Appendix A. All Participants will be able to see details of their newly created GRP and SPIN ports via the 'Logical Ports' section of the Cboe Customer Web Portal. The new ports will be visible under the new MCP_SPIN and MCP_GAP section of the 'Logical Ports' screen. Under current pricing there will be no additional charge for the duplicate GRP & SPIN ports. Pricing will be reviewed after Brexit go-live. Participants are encouraged to cancel their legacy ports as they complete their migration. Further communication will be provided on logical port fees in due course.

EU and UK GRP Ports
Participants should be aware that for each legacy GRP port, two new GRP ports will be created, one for EU venue GRP requests, the other for UK venue GRP requests.

The functionality in the certification environments is not changing, however should additional GRP or SPIN ports be required they can be requested via the Trade Desk through the usual process.


* Monday 11th February 2019 - Cboe will finalise duplicates of existing GRP and Spin Port sets on new feed infrastructure. The new ports will be available in final form in the Participant portal. Any new ports visible in the portal prior to this date should be treated as draft and subject to change

* Friday 15th February 2019 - New feed infrastructure available in BXE and CXE environments for participants to migrate and feeds live

* Friday 27th September 2019 - Legacy Multicast PITCH feeds will be disabled

Connectivity Manual
Multicast Pitch Specification

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