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Cboe Europe Equities: Brexit - Production Saturday Dress Rehearsal Tests - Q1 2019

January 14, 2019 18:36:20

Dear Cboe Europe Equities Participants

Brexit: Production Saturday Dress Rehearsal Tests - 16th February, 2nd March & 16th March 2019

Further to the previous Exchange Notice and Guidance Note regarding Mandatory Technical changes relating to Brexit dated Friday 2nd November 2018, Cboe Europe (Cboe) is planning Brexit Production Dress Rehearsal test dates, which will allow participants and vendors to simulate Brexit-like system behaviour in Production in advance of Monday 1st April 2019. In order to align with other pan-European venues, Cboe will hold three Brexit Saturday test dates occurring on Saturday 16th February, Saturday 2nd March and Saturday 16th March 2019, with attendance on at least one date being mandatory. The scope of these tests will include the Production BXE, CXE, CboeLIS, TRF (APA) and SIS environments.

Participants should note the following:

* Change Freeze - Participants wishing to take part in any of the test Saturdays must submit any outstanding requests for new ports by 16:00 UK time of the Thursday prior. No new port requests will be processed on the Friday before any Saturday test.
* Production Data - Please ensure that your Production systems are configured not to send Production trade reports when Cboe systems come up on the Saturday test dates, as all data from these days will be discarded as test data. Cancellation or Amendment of Trade Reports will not be allowed on these test dates.
* Mandatory participation - Attendance on at least one of the published test Saturdays is mandatory. Only Participants and Vendors planning on connecting to the new EU venue are required to attend. Trading Participants and Vendors will be required to establish logical connectivity to at least 1 EU FIX, BOE, FIXDROP, ODROP, GRP or SPIN session, and submit an order or trade report using either real or test EU symbols. Market data vendors and ISVs will be required to establish logical connectivity to at least 1 EU FIXDROP, ODROP, GRP or SPIN session, and confirm success or failure back to [email protected]
* Brexit Saturday Dress Rehearsal - Test Schedule of Activities - To be confirmed in due course

Key contacts on the day

* The standard Cboe support contacts will be available on the day from 07:00 until 13:00 UK time:

o NOC: [email protected] +44 20 7012 8905

o Trade Desk: [email protected] +44 20 7012 8901


* Brexit Guidance Note

Certification (UAT) Testing

* In preparation for these Brexit Production Dress Rehearsals, the UAT environment is already available for testing some Brexit functionality - please review the Brexit Guidance Note for specific detail. All Brexit functionality will be rolled out in UAT well in advance of the first dress rehearsal - the date for this will be confirmed in due course.

**NB: Participants who intend to connect to the EU Venue must complete and submit any outstanding paperwork as soon as possible. For further information please refer to our Brexit Microsite.

Please contact the Trade Desk or your Account Manager if you have any questions.

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