CXE Maker Opportunity

SymbolMissed Liquidity
(Avg EUR / day)
Exhausted Liquidity
(Avg EUR / day)
Routed Liquidity
(Avg EUR / day)
Notional Opportunity
(Avg EUR / day)
Cboe ADN
Liquidity Opportunity
(% of ADN)
DPWd147,388,6321,580,8320148,969,46412,714,377 1,171.66
FPp106,170,7099,764,256703115,935,66858,515,244 198.13
SAPd70,907,26321,892,908092,800,172111,107,469 83.52
DGEl78,539,5503,658,012082,197,56332,380,822 253.85
EXS1d73,501,3816,132,026079,633,4074,919,147 1,618.85
ASMLa62,227,57412,872,960075,100,53476,869,530 97.70
ERICBs56,276,70417,239,69142,01073,558,40544,599,026 164.93
ABIb50,170,53312,646,578062,817,11252,935,143 118.67
DBXDd51,377,8004,882,790056,260,5901,023,027 5,499.42
SIEd40,613,0998,957,530049,570,63043,048,238 115.15
RIOl38,416,12910,801,609049,217,73833,811,404 145.57
CONd44,846,6243,422,256048,268,88017,520,865 275.49
BNPp42,975,0434,739,384047,714,42724,741,406 192.85
PUBp41,012,8165,433,529046,446,34517,945,190 258.82
ELIb45,442,53268,662045,511,194248,905 18,284.56
GSKl29,660,70814,733,670044,394,37834,263,803 129.57
SANe30,324,16711,441,634041,765,80144,581,991 93.68
IFXd37,972,9903,742,039041,715,03018,715,310 222.89
AIRp22,648,51016,299,241038,947,75137,745,079 103.19
GLENl31,756,0845,960,281037,716,36521,054,558 179.14
VOLVBs31,345,0765,567,96163,19436,976,23126,669,286 138.65
DAId31,652,3405,265,6536,42136,924,41432,047,412 115.22
ACp36,283,586639,173036,922,7596,295,213 586.52
BAYNd28,746,8795,340,466034,087,34532,329,957 105.44
BASd22,599,46611,162,383033,761,84931,063,522 108.69

Data for 2019-07-16 to 2019-07-22 inclusive.

Missed Liquidity
This is a measure for the last week of the average daily notional value requested at a price equal or better than the EBBO where we had no liquidity.
Exhausted Liquidity
This is a measure for the last week of the average daily notional value requested at a price equal or better than the EBBO, which were partially filled.
Routed Liquidity
This number represents for the last week the average daily notional value on orders which were routed and filled on another venue or swept and filled on another book.
Notional Opportunity
This is a measure of the total average daily notional value of the missed, exhausted and routed liquidity.
Cboe ADN
Average Daily Notional value for the last week of shares matched on Cboe Europe for the security shown.
Liquidity Opportunity
Percentage of the ADN missed, exhausted or routed. The higher the percentage the larger the market making opportunity.