Swiss Cross Listings

The Cboe Europe Equities (Cboe) partnership with BX Swiss (BX) provides an efficient and straightforward pan-European ETF cross-listing service to ETF issuers.

BX Swiss and Cboe's listing rules allow firms to:

  • Expedite a Swiss listing on BX Swiss of any ETF listed on Cboe using the same prospectus, as the Cboe listing will have been authorised by a EU listing authority e.g. UKLA, ISE, Luxembourg etc. In such circumstances FINMA approval of the fund would still be required
  • Move a Swiss listing to BX Swiss (ETF already approved by FINMA), and list immediately on Cboe

Listing on Cboe and BX Swiss

  • Listing fees on BX Swiss are aggressively priced against SIX
  • Both exchanges will be supported by liquidity providers, in Cboe's case the issuer will also have the opportunity to use Cboe's CLP program

Trading on Cboe and BX Swiss

  • BX Swiss is a retail exchange, participants on BX Swiss include the largest regional brokers
  • 25% of Swiss equity value and volume is traded intra-day on Cboe
  • Cboe does not limit or charge its Participants' for their orders
  • Cboe's and BX Swiss' rules stipulate that OTC trades in their listed securities must be trade reported. Cboe will use its OTC Trade Reporting Service (BXTR) and Swiss TDM licence, received from BX Swiss, to help customers meet this requirement at significantly reduced cost

About BX Swiss

Established in 1884, BX Swiss (BX) is a Swiss regulated stock exchange focusing on the needs of Swiss investors and issuers. BX offers equities of Swiss small and medium caps and over 1,000 blue chips worldwide in Swiss francs and Swiss trading hours.

For more information on Swiss Cross Listings, contact [email protected], +44 20 7012 8900.