Additional Features

Cboe BZX and EDGX Options Exchange strives to provide Members with tools and services to better help them manage their trading activities. Some of the additional features of the Cboe BZX and EDGX Options Exchanges market include:

  • Bulk Quoting – Bulk orders give users the opportunity to place new orders, and modify or cancel existing orders pertaining to multiple contracts for a single OSI root.
  • Display-Price Sliding – Enables firms to slide orders that lock or cross the NBBO.
  • Match Trade Prevention – Allows firms to avoid unintentional trading with their own firms.
  • Options Clearing Editor – Provides Members with the ability to make post-trade revisions to executions.
  • Partial Post Only @ Limit – Offers enhanced liquidity adding with controlled liquidity removal.
  • Real-Time Latency Monitoring – Innovative web tool designed to provide Members real-time latency statistics for each order entry point.
  • Web Products – An Online Member Portal designed to give customers easy, online access to the information they need, when they need it.