2011 Cboe EDGX Options Exchange General Circulars

File number: 2011-07
Date filed: December 23, 2011

Summary Suspension of MF Global, Inc.'s Membership with EDGA Exchange and EDGX Exchange.

File number: 2011-06
Date filed: November 1, 2011

Annual Membership Fees

File number: 2011-05
Date filed: September 14, 2011

Market Maker Registration Requirement

File number: 2011-03
Date filed: March 28, 2011

Notice Regarding Filing of Annual Audited Reports with EDGA Exchange, Inc. and EDGX Exchange, Inc.

File number: 2011-02
Date filed: March 23, 2011

Notice Regarding Voluntary Terminations of Rights as a Member of EDGA or EDGX

File number: 2011-01
Date filed: March 14, 2011

Notice Regarding Foreign Examination Modules Equivalent to Series 7 Examination Accepted by EDGA/EDGX Exchanges