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The form below is required to be used in connection with requesting review of a potential CFE error trade and reporting a mistake, inaccuracy, or error in a reported Block Trade or Exchange of Contract for Related Position (ECRP) transaction.

In order to invoke the error trade policy for a potential error trade, notice of the potential error trade must be provided to the CFE Trade Desk by telephone at (+1.312.786.8700) within 8 minutes after the relevant trade occurred. The form below must then be submitted promptly after providing the telephone notification.

In order to report a mistake, inaccuracy, or error in the information reported for a Block Trade or ECRP transaction, notice to the CFE Trade Desk must be provided through the submission of the form below within 30 minutes from the time the relevant transaction was reported in CFE market data. Telephone notice is not sufficient to satisfy this 30 minute reporting period and electronic notice through the submission of the form below is required within the 30 minute time period.

Refer to Section III of the Policies and Procedures Section of the CFE Rulebook for additional detail regarding CFE trade review provisions and requirements.

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