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85% of the world's premier financial institutions trust Fidessa to provide them with their multi-asset trading and investment infrastructure, their market data and analysis, and their decision making and workflow technology. Fidessa's unrivalled set of mission-critical products and services, uniquely, serve both the buy-side and sell-side communities, from global institutions and investment banks to boutique brokers and niche hedge funds.

Our low-latency DMA platform provides high-performance, scalable and consistent access to 200+ global markets. Optimised trading capabilities include SOR, algo trading, sophisticated analytics and powerful risk management. Derivatives trading is supported with a platform that scales from a single regional implementation to a global deployment and connects to all the major derivatives exchanges worldwide. And Fidessa's IMS empowers asset managers with solutions that operate seamlessly over the entire investment lifecycle.

Fidessa's global trading network connects 6,000 brokers and investment managers and carries more than $20 trillion worth of transactions each year.

ITG is an independent research broker partnering with global portfolio managers and traders throughout the investment process, from investment decision through to settlement. With our launch of the POSIT® crossing network in 1987, we founded ITG with a strong commitment to empower buyside investors. And over the years, we’ve continued to deepen that commitment by creating a powerful network of intellectual capital, true industry experience, and market-leading technology to offer the unmatched insights that seek to help clients generate and preserve alpha.

Ullink is revolutionizing electronic trading across all asset classes globally, through low latency, algorithmic and direct market access (DMA) trading; connectivity and order routing; order management and trading ultra low latency risk management solutions.

Ullink offers a menu of solutions deployable in-house, via the UL Net global routing network, or as a fully-managed service (UL Net+). Fiber-optic connectivity and co-location with select execution venues gives UL Net+ a low latency performance record, while the system's full redundancy and ongoing monitoring by Ullink ensures high availability. UL Net+ also includes an advanced pre-trade risk component to filter orders, and monitor positions globally across all asset classes. For more information, please contact: or visit