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AlgoSpan provides end-to-end trading infrastructure and real-time market data services to financial services firms operating low latency / high frequency trading strategies proven to bring direct improvements to bottom-line trading performance. AlgoData multicast single hop normalised and raw exchange data is cited by customers as the lowest latency data service on the market. For more information please visit



The power of SSEOMS, an OMS integrated platform within the BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL ® service, provides the ability to manage connectivity, access exchanges, liquidity pools, algorithms, real-time position management, target holders and send IOI's - all from the industry leader in news, data and analytics.

Devexperts, was founded in 2002 and specializes in the development of highly complex software solutions and services for the Capital Markets industry. Having achieved rapid global success due to its domain expertise, excellence in development methods, special emphasis in quality assurance and superior client service, Devexperts now delivers a broad range of products and services to some of the world’s largest and most prestigious financial companies. Our technology now serves over millions of customers in the United States and abroad. Our data solutions offering includes direct low-latency normalized data feeds and value added services like VR, deep learning, market analysis, surveillance, historical data and market replay.

Exceptional trading, investment and information solutions for the world’s financial community.

85% of the world’s premier financial institutions trust Fidessa to provide them with their multi-asset trading and investment infrastructure, their market data and analysis, and their decision making and workflow technology. $10 trillion worth of transactions flow across our global connectivity network each year. We offer unique access to the world’s largest and most valuable trading community of buy-side and sell-side professionals, from global institutions and investment banks to boutique brokers and niche hedge funds.

A global business with scale, resilience and expertise, we’ve delivered around 25% compound growth since our stock market listing in 1997 and we're recognised as the thought leader in our space. We set the benchmark with our unrivalled set of mission-critical products and services and, uniquely, serve both the buy-side and sell-side communities. Ongoing investment in our leading-edge solutions ensures Fidessa remains the industry's number one choice.

Fixnetix is the leading provider of ultra low latency data and trading connectivity to many of the worlds leading Investment Bank Proprietary trading desks, Stat Arb Hedge Funds, Market Makers and Exchanges (including Cboe Europe). Fixnetix provide connectivity within Exchange Colo‘s coupled with access to every other major alternative trading venue over our dedicated point to point 10Gb+ DWDM network. We deliver data in multiple formats with sub-millisecond transformation if required, with services provided on the wire for reduced support costs, delivery times and ease of integration.

Buy and sell-side financial players across Europe rely on trading and real-time market data solutions from Infront. Infront’s flagship terminal, mobile apps and versatile platform for real-time market data and trading connect over 9,000 users across Europe to international financial markets.

Infront solutions enable sell side players to provide their clients with professional level information, terminal functionality and cost efficient electronic trading on over 50 exchanges worldwide – with a direct impact on increased trading volumes.

Interactive Data Corporation is a trusted leader in financial information. Thousands of financial institutions and active traders, as well as hundreds of software and service providers, subscribe to our fixed income evaluations, reference data, real-time market data, trading infrastructure services, fixed income analytics, desktop solutions and web-based solutions. Interactive Data's offerings support clients around the world with mission-critical functions, including portfolio valuation, regulatory compliance, risk management, electronic trading and wealth management.

ITG is an independent research broker partnering with global portfolio managers and traders throughout the investment process, from investment decision through to settlement. With our launch of the POSIT® crossing network in 1987, we founded ITG with a strong commitment to empower buyside investors. And over the years, we’ve continued to deepen that commitment by creating a powerful network of intellectual capital, true industry experience, and market-leading technology to offer the unmatched insights that seek to help clients generate and preserve alpha.

Millistream is a leading Nordic provider of real-time market data and content services.

Through its modern and unique architecture, the Millistream platform produces excellent services in terms of speed, accuracy and flexibility. Customers of Millistream's services are banks, brokers, media and other companies in the financial sector.

Morningstar delivers fast, reliable market data and extensive histories from over 260 global exchanges, index providers, banks, and inter-dealer brokers, covering more than 20 million instruments. We operate a high-capacity, resilient global network based in key financial centers worldwide. Data is delivered through a choice of flexible delivery mechanisms, including streaming feeds, request/response & streaming web services, and snapshot files. Global banks, brokerages, asset managers, media outlets and software providers rely on Morningstar Global Market Data Solutions to power their business-critical applications.

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NYSE Technologies is the world's leading provider of end-to-end electronic trading solutions. Our flexible and scalable products and services deliver robust and integrated solutions, from single trading positions to complete exchange platforms. Customers can access Cboe systems via the SFTI network, receive low latency market data vendor services via SuperFeed, or purchase low latency software to support the Cboe Chi-X Europe markets.

The Options PIPE® is an innovative, worldwide technology platform offering general business, trading, and high performance IT infrastructure as a fully managed and supported service. A key offering from the PIPE infrastructure is the Velocity service, designed specifically to provide clients with lowest latency and highest capacity direct market access both locally and in key trading centres around the world. A client utilizing the Velocity service can position trading systems as close as possible to local and remote financial markets. Clients benefit from proximity to the exchange as well as high performance servers, storage, and network backhaul, and the robustness and resilience of the PIPE worldwide network design.

QuantHouse, provides end-to-end systematic trading solutions. This includes ultra-low latency market data technologies with QuantFEED, algo-trading development framework with QuantFACTORY, co-lo hosting and order routing services with QuantLINK to help hedge funds, market makers, proprietary desks and latency sensitive sell side firms to take the lead.

SIX Financial Information is a leading global data provider of data services and solutions for investment advisory services, portfolio management, financial analysis and securities administration. With offices in 24 countries, SIX Financial Information combines the advantages of local presence and global reach; gathering data from over 1000 sources worldwide. SIX Financial Information’s award winning database, unique in terms of depth and structure, comprises reference data, corporate actions, pricing and market data and covers a broad range of asset classes for over 9 million financial instruments. Customised solutions and financial news complement the offering. SIX Financial Information stands for reliability, quality and innovation. For further information, visit:

SunGard is one of the world’s leading software and technology services companies, with annual revenue of about $2.8 billion. SunGard provides software and processing solutions for financial services, education and the public sector. SunGard serves approximately 16,000 customers in more than 70 countries and has more than 13,000 employees. For more information, please visit

Thomson Reuters is the world's leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals. We combine industry expertise with innovative technology to deliver critical information to leading decision makers in the financial, legal, tax and accounting, scientific, healthcare and media markets, powered by the world's most trusted news organization.

We provide: information, trading and post-trade connectivity for buy-side and sell-side customers in foreign exchange, fixed income, equities, and commodities; information and software for business automation within the capital market; information and decision support tools and integration services for portfolio managers, investment bankers, research analysts and executives; global information and news services to the world's newspapers, websites, television networks, radio stations, as well as direct to business professionals.