RTS 23: Instrument Reference Data

MiFID II introduces a requirement for trading venues to provide instrument reference data to their National Competent Authority (NCA), which for Cboe is the FCA. This data will then be sent to ESMA to publish. The reference data provided by Cboe will cover relevant characteristics of those tradeable instruments that are admitted to trading on Cboe and will be sent for each segment MIC operated by Cboe.

Cboe currently provides symbol reference files for customer use. Cboe will continue to do so, without adding the additional data elements required in the regulator submission to this file. Cboe will also provide machine-readable reference data files as part of meeting our Best Execution obligations.

For reference, links are provided below to useful documents and files:

During 2016, Cboe intends to make enhancements to the symbol reference file so as to allow consumers to obtain reference data on a historical basis.