TRF Release Notes

REMINDER: Cboe Europe Equities: Trade Reports - Mandatory change to TradeID field, effective Mon 27th April

February 11, 2020 13:53:52

Dear Cboe Europe Equities Participants

Currently, the first three of twelve characters in the TradeID field (FIX tag 1003) supplied on Trade Capture Report messages (ETRs and TCRs) in BXE, CXE, DXE and the TRF environments are always set to "000". Effective Monday 27th April 2020, Cboe Europe Equities (Cboe) will begin to utilise all twelve characters in the TradeID field across the aforementioned production environments. Any participants who currently have their system configured to remove the three leading zeros should be aware that these will be utilised as part of the TradeID upon the effective date and review accordingly.

Furthermore, effective Monday 27th April 2020, the FIX tags and file columns described in the below table which are also used to convey a TradeID will be extended to always include these additional three characters across the aforementioned environments, as currently these are always stripped off.

Rationale for change
These changes will allow the Cboe systems to utilise all twelve characters of the TradeID on Trade Capture Report messages in preparation for a change to introduce unique identifiers over a period of one year, with the goal of allowing Participants to specify only this ID when amending or cancelling trade reports at a date to be announced in the future.

This change will impact the following FIX Tags as this extended value will also be used on the messages to the Central Counterparties (CCPs):

Changes Apply to Trade Report Messages (35=AE) Only


Current Value

New Value

FIX order handler ports with SideExecID enabled

SideExecID (FIX Tag 1427)



ODROP ports monitoring FIX order handler ports with SideExecID enabled

SideExecID (FIX Tag 1427)



FIXDROP ports monitoring FIX order handler ports with CCP Style ID enabled

ExecID (FIX Tag 17)



ODROP ports monitoring BOE order handlers

TradeID (FIX Tag 1003)



FIXDROP Ports - Trade Cancel/Correct (UCC) message for Trade Reports

ExecRefID (FIX Tag 19)



Trade Data files containing trade reports

Execution ID column



The changes do not impact:

* FIX New Order - Single messages (35=D)

* BOE orderhandler-submitted Trade Capture Reports

* The Cboe LIS platform

To determine if FIX tag 1427 is enabled on any of your ports, please use the Cboe Participant Portal by selecting, Logical Ports, More Options, Download Port attributes CSV and then check the downloaded file to verify whether CCP Style ExecID is set to yes.

Certification (UAT)

* The changes were deployed in the BXE, DXE and TRF CERTIFICATION environments, effective Monday 27th January 2020

* The changes will be deployed in the CXE CERTIFICATION environment, effective Monday 23th March 2020

All current and historical Cboe notices are available online at

Please contact the Trade Desk or your Account Manager if you have any questions.

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